We are looking for an experienced Android Developer to join our team.

We are looking for an experienced Android Developer to join our team.

Has min. 2 + yrs to 5 yrs. experience in professional Android development.

Has previous experience with Android development with a special eye for pixel-perfect design implementation. Read more


Free Minimal Meitei/Meetei Mayek Fonts

Download Free Minimal Meitei/Meetei Mayek Font, Eyek Pro & Eyek Ahobi.

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Hello New Logo

We had recently undergone a brand refresh!  You may have noticed our logo has a fresh new look. We have redesigned our logo for a fresher, bolder and more modern look and feel. Check out the evolution of our logo during the last 8 years. Read more


Are you are a startup from Manipur?

If you are a startup from Manipur, then we can provide our service free of charge until you launch. That means you don’t pay anything until you are ready for launch. We understand the struggle and hardships of running a startup business. We love startups and will try to help.
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Responsive Website Design India

Why Responsive Web Design is highly needed for your website? Responsive Web Design connects you to your customers and community on whatever device they choose. Read more


5 Beautiful & Free Responsive Joomla Template to Build Awesome Websites 2016

There are so many free Joomla template out there it’s hard to know where to begin. Just searching through the Internet for the perfect theme can be time consuming.

The great thing about most of the recently released free template is that they are responsive, meaning you can download, install and activate them and quickly and easily meet the needs of your mobile users. Read more


We are Hiring

We are looking for 3 “Live-wire and target  oriented” marketing executive  to create new clients. Read more


Have you mobilized your site? If not, why not?

Have you mobilized your site?  If not, why not? Your customers are mobile.  Your business needs to be mobile, too.  Not only are we using our smartphones while away from our offices and computers, but we are using our mobiles and tablets while watching TV. and movies.  We are using them from the comfort of our couches and at our kitchen tables.  We are using them to access information quickly and easily.  If I can’t access your site from my smartphone or tablet, I’m leaving.  I will find a site that provides me the information I need somewhere else.

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Website Redesign Services Imphal

Is your site getting boring? Or maybe it is just out of date? Well we can help! You need to have a visually pleasing site in order to really reach your followers. Websites are an integral form of modern media that every business should be exploiting. In general, well-designed quality websites have the potential to generate a very high return on investment (ROI). Keeping your website fresh and inviting is important if you want to keep your customers coming back for more. Allowing your website to stagnate will not help you – in fact it may pose quite a hindrance when trying to acquire new customers or maintain customer loyalty.

We focus and specialize in redesigning website and taking the current website to the next level. Our team of designers focus on your requirements and manage to give your existing website a new look and feel. We follow strict web standards and make sure the new site is completely SEO friendly and attract new visitors to your website.

We redesign website keeping the branding of your website intact. Our team works closely with you to get the perfect next look you have been waiting for. We make your new website that is graphically appealing as well rich in content. Website redesigned would be ready with complete SEO friendly tags to get easily crawled and get popular. We give you complete money back guarantee and make sure you are 100% satisfied.

We would be eager to assist you with your redesign process. Our team of experts will evaluate the requirement and can get back to you with necessary guidance. If you are unsatisfied  customer of our competitor, we will redesign your site for free.

If you have any questions regarding our re-design service please contact us at


Joomla 2.5 stable – Out for a Ride

Today Joomla team announces availability of Joomla 2.5. Along with new features such as advanced search and automatic notification of Joomla core and extension updates, the Joomla CMS for the first time includes multi-database support with the addition of Microsoft SQL Server.

Other main features in Joomla 2.5 includes:

  • Automatic notification when a Joomla or extension update is available.  Wite administrators will instantly have access to new notification buttons that allows them to see and act on the latest updates.
  • Natural language search engine to the Joomla core. Complete with auto-completion and stemming (for example if you type “running” in a search field you also see run), it is faster and more versatile than the standard search.

You can download Joomla 2.5 or Upgrade package from here:

By the way, Joomla 1.7.4 (NEW!) is also available for users who are unable to update to version 2.5.0. It is available here. Please note that version 1.7 will reach end of life on 24 February 2012. Downloading the latest version of Joomla is the best way to ensure company and personal security needs are being met since it will have the most recent updates to protect against the latest security threats.